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July 15th

By Admin, Oct 6 2018 07:25AM

I have given up my care job due to having enough regular clients. I am now helping my daughter with her fashion business so am still busy but the change has meant that I can see clients during the mornings. I learnt a lot during my time as a care worker and miss some of the customers and old colleagues. I continue on with the necessary self-reiki and going to the reiki shares where I can receive as well as give treatments.

One other area of my life where I have sought extra knowledge and insight was participating in a Qigong retreat in Scotland. Qigong (translated from Chinese as energy flow or cultivating the life force) has many practices that are similar to those of reiki. One of my favourite ones is 'picking up the ji' . Here you stand in the meditation pose with arms relaxed and palms facing downwards. Then while moving your hands upwards to above your head, you draw or pull up the energy from the earth. Next the hands move downwards, again drawing the energy this time from above, pulling it into the lower dantien (stomach). This is a place where energy is stored. The energy is visualized as a ball of golden light which can then disperse throughout the body. It is hard to explain!

Spiritual practices from different parts of the world are similar in so many ways.

The Findhorn Foundation is a great place to go to to do such a workshop with beautiful walks and beaches.

The Universal Hall at the Findhorn Foundation where concerts are held
The Universal Hall at the Findhorn Foundation where concerts are held
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