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By Admin, Dec 10 2017 06:30AM

The experience of Vipassana strengthened my interest in the mysterious phenomena that hides behind the scientific reasoning and accepted facts concerning the human body. We have been conditioned to compartmentalize the mind/brain and body into separate entities and it is only recently that we are learning of their interlinking nature. Vipassana does not support reiki but I see no conflict. Reiki can help someone become aware of something that is there already: the ability the body has to self heal. Vipassana in a very straight forward fashion proves this to be true as some of those on the course can testify to as we sat there during the last couple of days, incredulous at our ache and pain free body. Of course this isn't everyone's experience - that is an unrealistic expectation. The fact that I went to the retreat with a determined willingness to enjoy and make the most of the ten days in whatever way I could, supports the school of thought that this resolve in itself would determine the outcome of my stay. But the fact that my meditation had turned from being an arduous challenge to being I can say almost comfortable is in my view incredible!

I find meditation helps me as a reiki pratitioner but reiki is sometimes harder to incorporate into my morning job as a care worker. There is simply not the time to suggest that I might give a sample of my reiki treatment, besides the fact that it is not part of the job description and might be viewed with suspicion! But in some cases, after explaining my job as a practitioner and using reiki when and where possible, we have noticed improvements. With the hour long treatments I give from my reiki room at home I have found that I too am benefiting. To have the intent of accessing and helping the client access the healing power that the universe has to offer gives one a strength and a peace of mind, that although not with me 100% of the time, I am very grateful for.