A Reiki treatment is usually given with the client lying down on the Reiki table but if preferred the client can sit comfortably on a chair. Generally, a gentle 'hands on' treatment is given. The client is always fully clothed and the treatment includes no massage or manipulation. Once the treatment begins the body becomes relaxed and starts to regenerate while stress is being eliminated. The holistic element of Reiki leads to a more expansive healing.

The Common Benefits are :

  • Relaxes and reduces stress


  • Helps chronic conditions


  • Helps with trauma


  • Energies in the body become balanced


  • Promotes spiritual awareness and connection

  • Relieves pain and discomfort


  • Relieves depression and anxiety


  • Promotes self healing


  • Enhances overall well being

Due to the nature of Reiki there can be no adverse effects.


  • 1 hour treatment: £55


  • 30 minute treatment: £35


  • 15% off blocks of 3 or more treatments payable in advance

A 'hands off' treatment can be given if preferred. It is also possible to treat clients at their own address.

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